Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Suspenders: what many would consider the original method of holding one's pants to their waist.

Suspenders are certainly old-school, and are historically more popular with older men than with anyone of the younger generation.

However, in my opinion suspenders have always been a unique and favorable style choice; I like their look, and I wear them with somewhat of a happy feeling knowing I can grow old with them.

Suspenders used to be the stand-by; laborers especially used to rely on them to hold up their pants, and back in the day they were more common than a belt.

Oftentimes, people would use suspenders in conjunction with belts; the suspenders served to hold up a person's pants while the belt served a utility function. John Wayne can be seen in many old westerns with not only suspenders, but one or even two belts. The belts served to hold his gun holsters and other accessories.

Now, wearing a belt in conjunction with suspenders is considered a fashion faux pas, and is normally only considered an acceptable choice if the belt is being used for a utility function.

Appearing to be a laborer fell out of favor at some point, and men switched to the belt exclusively. The belt became a universal accessory, and suspenders grew more obscure as a style choice. They eventually evolved to be somewhat like the conventional bow tie in a necktie world; not necessarily absurd, but certainly somewhat unusual and outdated.

Besides offering a unique style option in a universally belted world, I would go so far as to suggest that suspenders are rather practical. Allow me to explain.

Suspenders are rather comfortable. Where a belt cinches your pants to your waist by binding them as tightly as is tolerable, suspenders do just what their name suggests they do: they suspend your pants.

They hold your pants up while allowing them to remain just as loose as they happen to be. You can even wear oversized pants, and suspenders will allow them to remain at a reasonable height on your waistline. Loose pants are more comfortable, really.

Also, if you are an active person like I am, you have probably experienced the following phenomenon: you are running about doing whatever it is that you do, and your pants continuously sag. Even if your belt is adjusted properly, your pants still tend to sag in this manner.

However, with suspenders your pants never sag this way. Suspenders effectively maintain the height of your pants just by their very nature. There is no need to hike up your loins because your belt has only a mediocre grasp on your blue jeans.

Suspenders: they are not just for old men. They are for anyone that has a preference for comfort or practicality. Suspenders are preferred by waxy grouches all around the world.

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